The course makes an introduction to the development of modern Information Systems (Information Systems) focusing on the Management Information Systems (MIS). The course aims to highlight the added value that provides to an organization or company the use of modern information systems technology in the context of contemporary globalized / internationalized economy and the knowledge society. Upon successful completion of the course students should be able to:

  • explain and analyze the proccesses involved in the life cycle of an MIS
  • analyze functional and non-functional requirements of an MIS
  • analyze problems and difficulties related to the development and the application of modern MIS
  • recognize and explain techniques and methods of analysis and design of MIS
  • constructing the function model (process model) and the data model (data model) of an MIS using the UML design language 
  • actively participate in working groups and manage problems that arise when implementing actual MIS systems
The aim of the course is to introduce students to: (1) the fundamental principles of e-Business and e-Commerce, (2) the underlying used technologies with emphasis on Internet Technologies, and (3) issues related to Management of e-Business and e-Commerce.

Purpose of the course is to introduce students to the role, significance and basic functions of corporate communications.  The course focuses on how businesses use communication strategically in order to be effective in the relations they hold with various stakeholders internal and external  to the company.

The course aims to enable students to distinguish how the New Technologies, particularly the Internet affect the Business Administration and Tourism Hospitality and to be able to use tools and Internet services to plan and implement small-scale applications / services by that sector.

The aim of this course is to introduce students to research methodology in order to have the opportunity to study and prepare a scientific text and especially to have the knowledge and skills to develop their dissertation.

Purpose of the course is to introduce students to the significance of developing and implementing an integrated marketing plan based on the integration of various communication functions such as direct marketing, advertising, public relations, sponsoring, sales promotion and digital marketing.